Moldbug: The Face of a “Movement”

Since opening our doors to the refugees of the failed states of Europe lo these many years ago, our Ellis Island folks have been a source of much consternation. They’re different than real Americans in many ways: their appearance, religion, and political ideology are notoriously outlandish. Nevertheless, many of them have assimilated to the American world-view, embracing the free-wheeling Liberty which characterizes our national temperament. Unfortunately, we still have a faction of misfits, a stubborn element of  recalcitrant foreign-types, who loudly refuse to acknowledge the superiority of their host country’s culture and government.

Today, their Grandchildren Oppose Liberty

For many years, we found these scoundrels in their various ethnic mafias – in the flesh trades, in gambling and in the so-called “labor movement”. They were a nuisance, to be sure, but they remained firmly ensconced in their greasy little underworld, aware of their loathsome status amongst the decent and well-born.
Beware of a Rat-Like Physiognomy


No more, gentle reader. Today, these motley vagabonds are ensconced in the highest offices in the land. They control the Presidency and executive branch of the US government. They clog the the once-noble halls of Academia. They rule supreme in the sulfurous swamps of Hollywood. And one of their scions, aptly called “Moldbug”, is spearheading a vicious campaign of slander against the historical American nation and the Protestant faith. This is is Neo Reaction, aka NRx.

Sinister Calvinists in their Natural Habitat

It may seem incredible, but this cult actually places the blame for our current problems squarely on the shoulders of the Enlightenment, “Calvinism”, and the Puritan Fathers. Yes, these sad primitives dare to malign the very nation who took in their tempest-tost ancestors as refugees. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.


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